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Changing accounts

Decided it was time to get rid of this crappy LJ account (with the especially crappy outdated username). I know I never post on my LJ, but I always read my friends' posts. If you guys on my list could friend me back on nearstarlight I'd appreciate it! I still enjoy hearing about you all even though I don't post/comment often. I'll try to be more productive on the site also. Thanks so much. :)

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ad astra


I'm alive, I swear. Dear lord, I decided to weed out all those crappy past entries of mine and delete them. That took half of a century. All I have to say is that I was a whiny, whiny brat who complained about school every few seconds. I'm not kidding. Nearly every LJ entry had something to do with school, class, etc., and how I hated it with a burning passion. Wow.

Needless to say, I'm GLAD they are gone!

I don't know if I'll post much anymore... however, hi guys. I hope you don't think I'm dead. I still love reading my friends entries, I just never post. Sorries. :(

Just quick update: My first year of college is over. Summer break. Pray for good grades... <<;

Unsurprisingly, I'm still a WoWer. My guild as of tonight is now 4/6 SSC! Sadly, I was not there for the Karathress and Morogrim kill. I've been too lazy to raid these days for some reason...

I'm... installing Maple Story at this moment. /die! I need moar things to occupy me, srsly. My family's going to Vegas tomorrow for a week (without me! /cry!!!) so I'm going to be freaking bored and lonely. YES, with WoW, I am STILL bored as heck!

My Photoshop CS2 brush thing is messed. Its edges aren't sharp so when I sketch on the canvas, it's not that cool clean, wispy brush. It's all rounded, I think. So ergh. When PS CS2 was on this comp before the reformat, the brush was all right. But now it isn't... hm.

Also, tablet pen moves pretty fast for some reason. Blah.

I think this comp doesn't want me to do artings well no more. :< I NEED to upload more things to DA, and this isn't helping.

I'm ill (have been for some time now), both sneezing and coughing... ew. I doubt I'll be able to sleep easy tonight. The volcano vog definitely doesn't contribute well to my sickness (and everyone else's).

Anyway... bye guys, I'll try to update more often. I just usually have nothing interesting to say.
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dreadsteed buck

I'm alive

I just don't update my LJ much. I still read everyone's entries, though, so don't think I'm dead and such...
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